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Our Services

Lip Blush

3 hr

Dark Lip Neutralization

3 hr

Blush Effect

1 hr

Under Eye Camouflage

1 hr

Eyeliner Tattoo

2 hr

Ombre Eyebrows

3 hr

BB Glow

1 hr

Basic Facial

45 min

European facial

1 hr

Dermaplaning Treatment

1 hr


1 hr

Korean Glass Facial

2 hrs

Diamond Microdermabrasion

45 min

Model Guidance (Blush Effect)

7 hr



When booking your appointment you will be asked to place a $50 deposit for your procedure and touch-ups. If no security deposit is placed within 3 hours, your appointment will automatically be cancelled. The deposit will be applied to your total fee the day of your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable and nontransferable to another person.

Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the appointment. Deposit is transferable if appointment is rescheduled within 48 hours of advanced notice. Cancellations or no shows will forfeit the deposit.

Late Policy

All Clients must arrive on time. If you are 15 minutes late you will have to reschedule and forfeit your deposit fee.

Safety Regulations

  • Absolutely NO Guest(s) allowed.
  • All clients must wear a mask on appointment day.
  • All clients are required to wash hands before and after procedure.
  • If you are/feel unwell or have been exposed to anyone unwell and/or travelled internationally in the past 14 days, please reschedule accordingly (PLEASE BE HONEST for our safety).


It is highly recommended for clients to come in for a touch up, once the area is fully healed after 1 month. Touch-up prices are not included with initial service price and are additionally charge per service. Since permanent makeup tend to fade over time, it is suggested that clients get an annual color booster to keep colors looking fresh. Please keep in mind touch-up is only for existing clients who already had the work done at Beauty Boulevard. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

Ineligible Clients

  • Individuals under 18 years of age are
  • Individuals who are pregnant or nursing
  • Individuals who are diabetic, epileptic (faint spells or seizures).
  • Individuals with keloid, eczema or psoriasis on area being treated.
  • Individuals with transmittable blood diseases (hiv, hepatitis, etc . . )
  • Individuals allergic to numbing agents, makeup, or pigments.
  • Individuals who has experienced post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.
  • Individuals with heart condition or hemophiliac
  • Individuals with healing disorders
  • Individuals with undiagnosed rashes or blisters on treated area.
  • Individuals who are taking blood thinners
  • Individuals on accutane (must wait 1 year after last dose)
  • Individuals undergoing active chemotherapy or radiotherapy, no less than 42 days ago from date of treatment.
  • Individuals with botox/fillers in the area (must wait at least 4 weeks after to get cosmetic tattooing)
  • Coldsores/Fever Blisters (all need to be premeditated for lip procedures)
  • If you are taking prescribed medications and under the care of a physician, you MUST provide proof of clearance (Physician’s note)


*Please Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle


Touch ups

(Price may vary depending on type of service)

1-6 months $175
7-12 months $225
2 years $300
(After 3 years regular price)