Lip blush

3hr       $475       Westminster Boulevard

Service Description

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the color and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness. The color is subtle to give a natural-looking result. Lip blushing can last about 2-5 years, but results vary from person to person.

**It is highly recommended for clients to come in for a touch up once the area is fully healed after 1 month. Touch-up prices are not included with initial service price and are additionally charge per service. Since permanent makeup tend to fade over Ome, it is suggested that clients get an annual color booster to keep colors looking fresh. Please keep in mind touch-up is only for existing clients who already had the work done at Beauty Boulevard. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.



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6735 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683, USA